First Visit

Prior to making your first visit, please contact your insurance carrier to verify:

  • Whether the provider you would like to see is in your network
  • If the provider is not in the network, request the out of network benefits so that you fully understand your benefit options
  • Obtain a referral, if necessary
  • Ask for the number of visits available to you or your dependent
  • Have a clear understanding of any co-payment responsibilities you may have

We know insurance verification and benefit information can be overwhelming. Our office personnel are available to assist you during the process. Please contact 630-409-9700 with any questions you may have.
You may fill out the initial registration packet on-line, and bring it to your first visit OR please arrive 15 minutes early and fill out the paperwork at our office. Having all insurance information available, including your insurance card will allow our office staff to properly assist you. New Patient - Adult

Your first visit will take approximately 45-60 minutes unless otherwise specified by the provider.

If the new patient is a minor child, the parent/guardian will be asked to provide a thorough history. New Patient - Child

There are times when you may request that we gather information from other sources such as schools, primary care physicians etc. If this applies, authorization from the patient or guardian is necessary. Release of information

Depending upon your insurance coverage, co-pay and co-insurance levels, we may require a credit card on file for you. Credit Card Guaranty

View or download a copy of Naperville Clinical Services' HIPAA Privacy Notice.