About The Practice

Naperville Clinical Services offers a variety of treatment options to meet the changing needs of the community.

Individual therapy is a one on one service targeting specific needs of the individual.

Group therapy offers solutions in a supportive, informative setting of 5-7 individuals sharing experiences and working together to identify unique ways of dealing with challenges.

Couples therapy helps improve communication and relationship concerns.

Family therapy gives practical solutions to parents, teens and children to teach compromise, and improve communication between members.

Play therapy gives children the opportunity to participate in a non-threatening, supportive setting. Working through separation, divorce, death, friendships etc. in a child-friendly manner has proven to be an effective treatment style for children.

Psychologists at Naperville Clinical Services are trained in the latest testing procedures offering the most comprehensive information to clients, primary care physicians, schools and any other professionals working within the scope of treatment.

Day, evening and weekend appointments are available.  Request An Appointment.