Communication Play Group

This group is a blend of social and communication skills, specifically designed to address children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delays, Social Communication Disorders and Children with ADHD. Sessions to Target children’s social & expressive language concerns and Strategies provided for parents to facilitate Children’s skills outside of the therapy room.  Groups will focus on the following social and communication areas:

Conversation Skills
Sharing and Turn Taking
Making and Keeping Friends
Understanding Feelings

Problem Solving
Expressive Language
Responding To Questions
Sharing Information

Play Groups will consist of 10 one-hour sessions, facilitated by a social worker and speech therapist, Groups Ages 5~10, on Mondays 5 PM - 6 PM  (Children 5-7 Years), and Thursdays:  5 PM - 6 P(Children 8-10 Years). 

Please contact our office at 630-409-9700 for more information about fees and scheduling, or Request Information by competing the form below.

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